Zombie-fy Yourself With New ‘Walking Dead’ Facebook Tool
Being a zombie on Facebook seems a lot more appealing than being one in real life. And thanks to AMC, it’s super easy.
In fact, all you have to do to get a highly-detailed zombie version of yourself is visit the Facebook page for the AMC series ‘The Walking Dead.&CloseCurlyQuote…
Will You Really Quit Facebook?
Many people have gotten annoyed with all the recent changes Facebook has made -- and the news of the even more major ones on the way, such as the "Timeline" providing an online compendium of users' lives -- and have been threatening to leave Facebook for good...
You’ve Been Defriended
Facebook  continues making changes that might cause a shock to many of its users.
The change will allow each user to peruse his or her entire history on Facebook. And that means we'll be able to see who "friended" us in the past, and who "defriended"…
More Changes To Facebook
Facebook introduced two new features this week as it tries to keep up with Google+ and Twitter, but some are asking if the world's biggest social networking site is now making too many changes.
Earlier this week, Facebook introduced a new way of sorting friends into lists with which you can …
An End To Embarrassing Facebook Tagging
My dear friend Kari was at the lake with us this past weekend and took a picture of me...a very unflattering picture.  Let's just say, I had been drinking beer, it was a bad angle, I had on a bikini, and I was slumped over.  Not a good shot of the gut...
Facebook Launches ‘Expected Child’ Feature
Facebook has quietly launched a new feature allowing you announce and document your pregnancy.
There's a new "expected child" field, in which users can announce their due date and chosen name without creating a separate page for the unborn child...
The Google+ Project Takes Aim at Facebook [VIDEO]
After several prior failed attempts to challenge social media behemoth Facebook, Google introduced a new service on Tuesday that it hopes will finally do the trick.
Called the Google+ project, it’s currently only available to a select group of Google users — they’ll soon be able to invite others — an…
Can Your Facebook Photos Cost You a Job?
The age of Big Brother is truly upon us.
Last week the Federal Trade Commission approved a company called Social Intelligence, which touts itself as a modern way for firms to screen potential employees.

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