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May Is National Hamburger Month
One of my biggest weeknesses is CHEESBURGERS!  Especially off a grill during the summer.  Yummy Yummy Yummy.  May is National Hamburger month.  Who do you think has the best burgers?  My vote - Burger Bobs!
Garage Sale Today!!
GET OUT OF BED!  It's time for the SUPER GARAGE SALE!  Get up and get down to the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, NOW!  Don't drive around weekend after weekend looking for that couch, dresser, houseware item ect...that you of course can not live without...
Flower Pots – Day 1!
Usually each year my mom comes out in May and one of the things we always do is plant flowers for the summer.  She is a green thumb, me - not so much!  This year she came early, so I was on my own!  YIKES!  A big thanks to Bernie at Kenyon Noble for all his helpful advice!  I got all of my flowers, …
I Heart San Francisco!
Well, today is day 1 back in the office after a wonderful trip with my boyfriend Ross to San Francisco!  Here’s my list of San Fran Favs!
- The Ocean – I am a sucker for the beach.  In my entire lifetime I think I have spent less than 24 hours actually on the beach..…
Facebook Founder Buys New House
The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg just bought himself a 7 million dollar home in California!  Not bad for a 26 year old!!
Mark Zuckerberg is, at age 26, on the young side for a first-time home buyer these days. But the Facebook cofounder and chief executive isn’t exact…
My Take On The Osama Bin Laden News
In 20 years, will our kids be saying “Where were you when you got the news Osama was killed”? Who knows. What we do know is that they will be asking “Where were you on September 11th, 2001.”
Rio 3D – I Loved It!
I needed a little pick me up last week, so my wonderful boyfriend Ross took me to Rio 3D!  It was exactly the fun I needed.  An hour and a half of fun, great music, amazing 3d effects and wonderful summer colors.  GO SEE IT!  You may be seated next to a 5 year old, but I guara…
Possibility Of Snow All Week
It’s springtime in Montana! This final week in April has a possibility of snow and rain every day – and that got me thinking. Rather than hate the weather (the natural reaction), what are some of your favorite Gallatin Valley Springtime Activities...

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