Bad Drivers In Bozeman
It seems as Bozeman keeps growing, so does the number of bad drivers. While driving in from Bear Canyon last week, a driver swerved and nearly drove me off the road. There was a piece of tire in the middle of the left lane, and since the driver wasn't paying attention, they swerved at the last …
Five Ways To Relax Around Bozeman
Since moving to Bozeman a little over a month ago, I've been working pretty much nonstop. I try to squeeze in a little "me" time to keep the stress from getting the best of me.
Here are five of my favorite things to do to relax around Bozeman
Banning Cell Phones In Bozeman
The Bozeman City Commission last night voted 4-1 to ban the use of hand held devices while driving or bicycling.
The issue will have to go through a second reading and vote.  If approved again, it will become law 30 days after the vote...
iPod’s Could Be Banned In New Ordinance
iPod's could be banned from being used by drivers that is. The Butte Silver Bow Judiciary Committee is moving forward on a proposed ban of any hand held electronic devices while driving. How many of you agree that hand held electronics use should be banned from a driver?

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