An Appliance For Valentine’s Day
So what's really wrong with getting your wife an appliance for Valentine Day?  If it's something she has been asking for, is there a problem?  Candy gets old after a few years of giving it, right?  I'm stumped.  What to get...
Is HDTV Really What I Need?
I am still living in the world of 32" regular tv.  No big screen, no wide screen, no hdtv.  Pretty darn good computer set up, but not a great tv set up.  I look each time we go shopping, at
What Not to Buy in a Supermarket
Do you just buy food when you go shopping for groceries?  And what I'm talking about that you shouldn't buy are things like batteries, appliances, light bulbs, stuff like that.  You will be wasting a lot of money due to the fact that most, if not all of those items and more will cost you much less a…
Great Music Video
Great song from Craig Campbell that I just played on XL Country a couple minutes ago.  Here is the video.  Love it as much as I do?
25 Years Ago Today
January 28th, 1986.  I'll never forgot that day.  What were you doing?  I was living in Wichita Kansas working on KFH radio doing the midday show.  73 seconds after the launch, our world changed...once again.  Watch and remember...
It’s Red Shirt Friday
George Strait is wearing red – to show his support for our troops as part of Red Shirt Fridays. The mission of is to show support for our servicemen and women. It is not a political organization but a way to let our country’s servicemen and women know we sup…
American Idol Winner Already Picked
So who is this Scott McCreery anyway?  Tom & Colleen played a clip of his singing from the AI auditions on Wednesday night.  He is pretty dang good that's for sure!  I do believe that American will.
If Fortune Cookies Were Only Real Fortunes
My wife Lori and I went to eat at THE WOK recently.  We eat there often.  Love the place.  I do have one gripe about what folks call fortune cookies though.  And that is they really aren't fortune cookies.  I call them ADVICE COOKIES! :) I don't think I'v…

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