Temperature Swings 100 Degrees In One Week In Oklahoma
You think the weather is crazy lately?  Lori and I lived in Montana a few years ago, then left for 3 years, now we're back...and very happy to be here! :)  No matter where I've lived through my long radio life, it seems the weather has always been wild and weird.  Hot, Cold, Humid, Dry, blah blah bl…
The Puppy Bowl Returns!
Get ready for the 7th Annual Puppy Bowl!  Animal Planet will feature puppies again for you if you're not into football on Sunday.  Check it out here:
Got My Energy Bill For January, Got Yours?
We just received our Northwest Energy bill...UGH! Horrible!  And it's just Lori and me in the house!!!  We always try to keep lights off, temp down, we try to save everyday, every chance we see or get.  Here's a list of items I found that actually use energy even when you&ap…

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