George Strait Is Seeing Red
Are you a George Strait fan?  Well if you are and would like to help today is the day!  George has put out the call to wear red on TODAY, and not just because it is Christmas Eve. His request is to show support for U.S. troops as part of Red Shirt Fridays.
Taylor Swift Christmas Cards
I heard about this and thought, 'wow! I'll bet the XL NATION would love to know about this!'  So When Taylor Swift designs or approves a design for a Christmas card, you know her heart is in it. American Greetings knows she’s a December baby who grew up on a …
Taylor Swift Turns 21
If you are a Taylor Swift fan you'll LOVE this!  Her birthday is TODAY, December 13th...hmmm the number 13.  Think there's any connection?
Sugarland News – Yahoo! Music
OMG!  Can you believe this?  It's been going on for the past five years!  Kristen hall left Sugarland and when the band made it big, she demanded her share!
Sugarland News - Yahoo! Music.