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Trisha Yearwood Has A New Cooking Show on The Food Network
She sings, dances, cooks...and cooks really well too!  Trisha Yearwood will be hosting her own cooking show on The Food Network.  She's already a best selling cookbook author and now will add a tv show to her resume!  You can expect to see lots of recipes out of her cookbooks.&nb…
Carrie Underwood Opens Up About Marriage To ‘US Weekly’
Standing at the checkout counter at The Walmart over the weekend, I noticed that Carrie Underwood was in US Weekly magazine.  I normally don't pick these things up and read while waiting, but thought what the...?  US Weekly has a story about Carrie?  So come to find out that she is now talking about…
10 Artists Who Have Unexpectedly Gone Country
There's even some stuff that I didn't know about these artists, which shocked me!  Taste of Country has the list of 10 artists who unexpectedly have gone country.  Who by way of a fluke,
rocked up both music charts!
Thompson Square – The New Wedding Crashers?
How would you like to go to Miami Beach for your honeymoon?  What about Las Vegas or New York City?  Well the new husband/wife duo Thompson Square have partnered up with CMT to launch the “Thompson Square ‘Crash My Wedding’ Dream Honeymoon&CloseCurlyDo…

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