Are Facebook Battles Worth It?
Facebook has confirmed that those I used to know who had no political views now have unbending, etched in stone, you’re an idiot, political points of view.
Biggest College Regrets
I literally have no regrets from college.  I had FUN.  I made life-long friends, I took advantage of every fun activity SW Montana has to offer, and even managed to sneak a little studying in.  Met the love of my life there, too!
Scotty McCreery Gets Accepted to College
It’s been a whirlwind and well-documented year for Scotty McCreery with his ‘American Idol‘ win, his No. 1 hit album ‘Clear As Day,’ his busy touring and interview schedule and the time he reserves for family and friends. He’s also going to continue to mix work with school, as he has applied to seve…
Which College Is the Best for Military Veterans?
A recent survey conducted by Military Times Edge ranks which colleges are best for military veterans.
Most of the schools making the list were public, including 51 of the 59 highest ranking four-year schools. The top five four-year schools included Concord University, taking the number one spot, Ea…
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 Scholarship Application Writing Tips
Many high school students are graduating soon. Are your children applying for college or college scholarships? Do they need advice and help with what to write? Not only have I written multiple college and scholarship applications, I’ve been able to sit on committ…
Back To Coledge….
Yes I know I misspelled college....  Believe it or not, I passed my English class!  School starts back up on Wednesday.  So the influx of the Bozeman population starts again. The first week is always so boring.  Teachers hand out the syllabus and tell you what's going to …