It’s Red Shirt Friday
George Strait is wearing red – to show his support for our troops as part of Red Shirt Fridays. The mission of is to show support for our servicemen and women. It is not a political organization but a way to let our country’s servicemen and women know we sup…
American Idol Winner Already Picked
So who is this Scott McCreery anyway?  Tom & Colleen played a clip of his singing from the AI auditions on Wednesday night.  He is pretty dang good that's for sure!  I do believe that American will.
If Fortune Cookies Were Only Real Fortunes
My wife Lori and I went to eat at THE WOK recently.  We eat there often.  Love the place.  I do have one gripe about what folks call fortune cookies though.  And that is they really aren't fortune cookies.  I call them ADVICE COOKIES! :) I don't think I'v…
Are You Ready For The Big One
Are we sitting on top of a super volcano?
There is a massive volcanic caldera bubbling and boiling beneath Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming which is responsible for most of the stunning geysers there, including Ol’ Faithful. What you may not know is that because of continental drift, this super v…
Have You Ever Been Double Dog Dared?
After having been nominated for a Grammy, record sales reaching over a million, and been invited to go on tour with Tim McGraw, there is only one thing left for The Band Perry to do to prove their superstar status -- sponsor their favorite four legged friend.
Alan Jackson Leaves His Record Label
SONY MUSIC NASHVILLE has announced that they have ended their association with ARISTA artist ALAN JACKSON. 
According to the statement from SONY: “In an amicable parting, SONY confirms that ALAN has delivered his final recordings to the company and wishes him well...
Wanna Smell Like Tim McGraw?
I'm not much into smelly things for guys.  Most times I don't even use aftershave.  From what I've heard about this though, it might be time to try some!  Tim McGraw has debuted a limited-edition belt buckle, in conjunction with the launch of his latest fragrance '…

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