colleen o'quinn

Best News Anchor & Animal Bloopers
I worked in news for years.
We used to do a segment with animals from the shelter, and one pooped on camera.  That's the worst I had to deal with.
Check these out...but be ready to laugh till your sides hurt!
Flash Flood Watch
A Flash Flood Watch is in effect through this evening.
The National Weather Service in Great Falls has expanded the Flash Flood Watch to include a portion of southwest Montana,  including
How To Handle A Crying Coworker
If you've ever had a coworker start crying at the office, you know how awkward it is.
So awkward that you probably get irritated at the person for making you uncomfortable. Here's a list of six slightly more appropriate reactions.
World’s Fastest Clapper [Video]
Apparently the world record for fastest clapping has just been broken.
Guinness hasn't verified it yet, but a kid named Bryan Bednarek just posted a video online where he claps 802 times in one minute.
The current record is 721. (That one is owned by Kent French...

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