George Strait Is Seeing Red
Are you a George Strait fan?  Well if you are and would like to help today is the day!  George has put out the call to wear red on TODAY, and not just because it is Christmas Eve. His request is to show support for U.S. troops as part of Red Shirt Fridays.
Sugarland News – Yahoo! Music
OMG!  Can you believe this?  It's been going on for the past five years!  Kristen hall left Sugarland and when the band made it big, she demanded her share!
Sugarland News - Yahoo! Music.
On Her Birthday Miranda Brings Home The Gold
They say your Golden Birthday is when your age matches the day of the month you were born (ie. 11 on the 11th, 23 on the 23rd.) Miranda Lambert completely redefined Golden Birthday by walking home with more gold (crystal statues) than she could carry from the CMA's on Wednesday...
Country Music’s Big Night!
Tonight is the night for country to shine in Nashville!

The CMA AWARDS SHOW will be on ABC at it closely, then call us on Thursday morning with your review!  We want to know what YOU think about the presentation, the songs, the stars, the outfits...