Bridger Bowl

Beware of the Snownado in Montana
Okay, maybe there isn't such a thing as a snownado, but if it was a real thing, I'm pretty sure we'd have one in Montana. Last night, Big Sky and Bridger Bowl got snow, and it's JULY!!! Maybe this is normal in Montana, but it's a first for me...
Bridger Bowl Ranked as One of the Best Low Key Ski Resorts
There are a lot of pretty great ski resorts in North America. From Colorado to Washington all the way up to Canada, you can always find a great quality ski resort. Sometimes though, some slip through the cracks and you might not realize that there is a great ski mountain close by.
Great GoPro Tour Of Bridger Bowl From An Average Guy [VIDEO]
Miss Bridger Bowl or looking to ski here? Take a quick look at the mountain through the eyes of an average guy snowboarder. It's not the crazy, extreme "dude-man-bro" videos you usually encounter. It just gives you a really nice, accurate look at what Bridger is REALLY like.
Bridger Bowl Open For The Season This Friday 12/6/13
It's going to be a cold opening day but a hefty winter storm has dumped lots of fresh snow on the Bridgers this week, hopefully making for an excellent first day on the slopes. With two new lifts this season, you'll be able to enjoy even more of what you love at Bridger Bowl.
MSU Bobcat Ski Day At Bridger Bowl
Are you ready to ski like a 'Cat? Join the Montana State University Alumni Association for the first annual Bobcat Ski Reunion Day! They'll be handing out fun goodies, so be sure to wear your Blue & Gold!
Skier Triggers Avalanche Near Bridger Bowl [Video]
A skier triggered  the Hourglass north of Bridger Bowl yesterday (Jan. 3, 2013). He hit a wind drift which broke 8" deep by 20-30 feet wide. He was flushed 1,000 feet downhill, partially buried and uninjured. (Source:  GNFAC)
To check avalanche danger, and find out more about rescu…

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