Reason #2 – I Hate The Grizzlies!
We are less than five days away from one of the biggest events in the state of Montana!  The 111th Annual Brawl Of The Wild should be a great game!  While I personally believe the Cats are gonna whoop some grizzly A$$, others do not (let's piss em off!)
Want To Build Your Own Hot Tub?
This question came to my mind over three years ago.  I decided I wanted to build a Home-Made Hot Tub for a Bobcat football game.  Being that I am somewhat handy I decided I could do it!  Here is a little video of the hot tub in action.
Have You Seen The Big Bright M Yet?
This past weekend, 100 volunteers hiked up the M trail head along with 100 gallons of paint and the goal of making the M a bright white beacon atop the mountain. This is a tradition each year and the deadline is always just before Homecoming which will be this coming weekend. Check out a video of th…

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