Awesome Birthday Cards from Colleens Kiddos!
I walked in this morning and was greeted with some great cards from Emma, Gracie, and Matthew!  Colleen even hooked it up with a cupcake and some buffalo cheese dip!  She understands me... Just feed me and I'm happy!
In My Next 30 Years….
I openly admit it, I am a country girl at heart!  One legendary country tune by Tim McGraw is “My Next 30 Years”, where he talks about what he wants to accomplish after turning 3o.  Today is my 30th’s Birthday – so here’s …
I Didn’t Break The Cake
Our crooked Football Field Cake!
Last week was my boyfriend Ross’s birthday.  His sister Taylor called me up and we decided to make him a football cake.  He was playing with his band at Mixers, so we knew we needed to be able to feed alot of people.  Taylor came up with a wonderful idea, a Green B…