Would You Eat A Beer Sandwich?
Alright Beer lovers, it's true.  You can now have beer and consider it food.  An Italian company has figured out a way to make a spreadable beer. It's called Birra Spalmabile. It comes in dark and light flavors, and you can use it anywhere you'd use jelly or frosting...
Bozeman Microbrewery Among Ten Best in the Country
One of my favorite things about Bozeman is the abundance of microbrews. Montana has over 32 microbreweries and more than a few are right here in the Gallatin Valley. Which brewery was voted into the top 10 microbreweries in America by AskMen...
Russia Finally Admits That Beer is an Alcoholic Beverage
There has been some speculation, throughout the years, that drinking booze can lead to intoxication, or even alcoholism. Because of this, Russia has finally decided to officially declare beer an alcoholic beverage as a means of keeping their citizens from turning into full-blown boozehounds. Like us…
Number of US Breweries Reaches 125-Year High
Beer used to be like 1970s television programming: you only had a few choices, and most of them kinda sucked. But these days, there are hundreds of channels — and a historic rise in the number of US breweries cranking out a wide variety of suds.

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