The time is near, and I have barely scraped the surface of the stuff that is in my garage.  Luckily all the other people signed up for the Super Garage Sale are a little more organized than me!

Let's see here... what all could fit in my garage if I actually cleaned it out?  I could probably fit two cars instead of one.  I could build a small workout area (that would mean I would have to start working out).  I bet I could make a man cave with a full bar!  And I could mount a TV on the wall.  I'm thinking if I sold even half of my stuff at the Super Garage Sale I could have enough money to make that bar!  It's officially time to clean the garage... Procrastinate no more!  It's the final Countdown!

Here is your motivational commercial for the Super Garage Sale!  If this doesn't get you excited... nothing will!