What a fun day today to meet everyone and visit so many garage sales! Thanks to everyone who participated and my only regret is that I couldn't stop by all of of them. Here are some photos from my journey today!

Photo by J. St. John


Charlene and the girls gave us brownies and cookies! And they even made a sign to make sure everyone knew where their Super Garage Sale was located.



Apparently I have a Lane named in my honor.

photo by S. St. John








I wanted to ride the pony but was told I was too heavy.  I told the pony handler I work out, but he wasn't convinced.

photo by J. St. John
photo by J. St. John


From our way in out on Gallatin Gateway we stopped by the Free Pancake Breakfast that was being offered by the Gallatin Gateway Volunteer Rural Fire Dept. The real firefighters were busy giving kids fire truck rides, so I got this guy to pose with me.


I should have bought this picture from Katie & Lindsey . . . I bet it's worth thousands on the Antique Roadshow. I did sell a lawnmower for them while I was there . . . well, kind of.

photo by J. St. John

I used to have one of these helmets when I was a little kid. It brought back so many memories.

photo by J. St. John

Hunter thanks for the T-Shirt! Thanks again to everyone who participated. I can't wait to do it again next year!