Yes, I know it's snowing, and I am completely aware of the Winter Storm Warning.

But, I saw a sure sign of summer yesterday.  Actually, my kids heard it.My kids were playing after school at the playground with their friends and one of the parents.   I always send a phone along with Emma, just in case of emergency.

Well, there was just such an emergency yesterday.

There was an ice cream truck sighting!

I'm not sure if you can hear the last part, but that's my 7 year old, Gracie in the background saying, "come on, let's just go!."

There's always one, isn't there?  She didn't even have any money with her.  Was she planning to rob it?

My favorite part is the groan of my responsible 10 year old, Emma, who I know wants to "just go," but knows better.

I called back right away and told them to come home and I would buy them ice cream when the truck arrived on our street.

I watched my kids peer into the street, waiting for the ice cream truck.  They were shaking they were so excited.  The weather was starting to turn, and I had a bad feeling that it wasn't coming our way, so I told them to jump in the car and we would chase it down.

It took only two blocks to see the big, bright green ice cream truck, that was headed home because it was raining.  Luckily, the driver stopped and the ending is a happy one.

That little incident yesterday is going to get me through this weekend of crummy weather...and with a smile on my face!