A group calling themselves the wizz-kids at Brigham Young University have taken on the dirty task of studying the physics of urine splash-back caused by urinals. What do they say is the best approach to avoid splash-back?

To be as thorough and sanitary as possible during the experiment, the wizz-kids built liquid dispensing nozzles equipped with high speed cameras to capture the vital data. What did the data tell them about avoiding splash-back?

  • Aim for the back of the urinal and avoid the pool around the drain
  • Stand as close to the urinal as possible to prevent the flow from breaking up into drops before hitting the back of the urinal
  • Try to make the angle of impact as downward as possible

I don't know about you, but being a twenty-something male I feel like I've had enough urinal time to be designated some sort of scientist in the field of liquid dynamics. Without getting into too much detail, I can endorse the above tips for avoiding splash-back and offer a few of my own.

A bit of wizzdom for my fellow man:

  • Sit while peeing (not just for the ladies anymore)
  • Restrict your stream's flow physically (sounds painful)
  • Putting a preemptive layer of toilet paper into the bowl (when using a traditional toilet)
  • Request your work, favorite bar or restaurant invest in one of these babies

Do you have any tips for the urinal-challenged men out there?