The Bozeman Daily Chronicle's Michael Becker is reporting that NorthWestern spokesman Butch Larcombe believes a suirrel was the cause of the power outage that affected many homes in Bozeman this morning. Did you have to dry your hair the old fashioned way this morning?

Was this some devious little squirrel hoping to make the lives of everyone in Bozeman just a little bit more interesting? One would think the squirrel must have been some mastermind to be able to take out over one thousand home's power. But according to, small animals are a likely culprit.

Small animals can also cause power outages. These animals climb on certain pieces of equipment, such as transformers and fuses, causing the equipment to shut down. By shutting down, the equipment protects the rest of the system."


This could be a great opportunity for any entrepreneurs who can invent a squirrel proof electrical system for the future!