I've been looking over the weather stats for 2010.  (go ahead, say it, 'TOM IS REALLY A GEEK'!) It's true, I am! I watch the weather channel, but am also an avid follower of TOSH.0! Anyway, another reason that my wife Lori and I are so happy to be back in Bozeman are the summer temps.  Last year it was 94 in Bozeman at MSU.  At the weather station at the airport it was 101.  There was a point last summer while living in Fresno, our A/C went out and we couldn't get it fixed for 5 days, and the temps were around 110 each day and only in the 90's at night.  H O T!  I love living here and being part of the XL NATION!  This is truly the best place on earth! :)

2010 Weather Recap | KBZK.com | Z7 | Bozeman, Montana.