Roll out the red carpets. Hollywood's awards season is upon us. Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards mark the beginning of it all, but last night the stars gathered for the Critics' Choice Awards - and 'Social Network' took home Best Picture honors.

LOS ANGELES — It's hard to miss the cast of The Social Network.

They descend on red carpets en masse while nabbing top prizes at award shows, including their most recent: best picture at Friday night's Critics' Choice Awards at the Hollywood Palladium. Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer, scribe Aaron Sorkin and producer Scott Rudin bounded onstage, sharing the communal grin they've become accustomed to.

"We're always together; they keep us as a pack, which is nice," Hammer said on the red carpet, adding that they'll continue to stick together at Sunday's Golden Globe awards. With a nod to the balmy, high 70s Los Angeles weather, Hammer smiled. "It's for the Globes, I hear."

Co-stars continued to reunite as The Town's Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner ran into each other.

"Hamm-a-licious!" Renner called down the red carpet, cupping his hands around his mouth.

"We worked similar schedules and had a lot of free time in Boston," said Hamm. "You're stuck in the same motel with the same people for 60-some odd days and you're going to hang out a little bit." And for Hamm, playing the FBI agent meant shedding Don Draper in the span of a plane flight. "We started shooting The Town literally the day after I finished wrapping Season 3 of Mad Men," he said.

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