Two snowboarders at Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana were having a typical day of riding until a moose appeared before them on a run. They continued down the mountain hot on the moose's hooves until it came to a stop.

Luckily the moose didn't attack the snowboarders and fled the scene. The whole ordeal was caught on tape by Hunter Lamoureux and he later posted the video to his Facebook page. The Flathead National Forest saw the video and issued a $225 fine to the snowboarder seen in the video, Charlie Rush, for harassing wildlife. Later report confirms that the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks warden captain did deem the harassment charges needed.

After reading the public comments that people are posting on in response to the snowboarders' actions, it appears most people are okay with harassing humans than they are animals. Certain words are censored due to their explicit nature.

J Scott Albro - they should be fined and gored by a horn for ****ing with a wild animal

Ed Harelik - How anbout $225.00 AND broken bones....***holes.

Rita Parrino Gibbs - Good! ***holes

JulieLink1 - wish that moose would have stomped them

Jeff Goodwin - $225 is cheap. A few broken bones might have gone further in curing him of stupidity before it becomes terminal.

One comment did make very good point about the safety of all people on the mountain that day.

Doug Helton - I don't really care if those idiots got hurt. It is the other people including little kids on those runs that you should be worried about

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