Have you notice that some packaging in stores is SMALLER?  Prices may 'be the same', but the cans and boxes are smaller and don't hold as much as it used too? Tuna is in smaller cans, some cracker boxes have LESS crackers in them...hmmmm.
Seems like the manufacturers have found a way in this shabby economy to up their profit,  just by giving us less for the same money!

Check this out from yahoo.com, "

"A recent article on this topic in The New York Times provides plenty of circumstantial evidence. For example…

  • Chicken of the Sea tuna now comes in 5-ounce cans, as opposed to the traditional 6-ounce containers
  • Doritos, Fritos, and Tostitos reduced the quantity of chips in their bags by 20 percent
  • Tropicana recently dropped their orange juice carton size from 64 to 59 ounces
  • Nabisco’s Premium saltines and Honey Maid grahams have new packaging with 15 percent fewer crackers"

Kind of makes you wonder if we'll ever get outta this...