Do you have a dog?  We love our Daisy May!  We got her at the shelter here in Bozeman in January of 2007.  This is truly the best dog I've ever been around.  Here are six reasons you should really own a dog.

(Men's Health) John Grogan, author of Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog, submits this list. Don't let anybody - especially yourself - talk you out of it.

  1. A dog never asks why you're late, where you've been, why you didn't call. Even when you act badly, he will greet you with unbridled enthusiasm.
  2. Two guys are walking through a park. One is alone. One is with a dog. Beautiful women approaches. Guess which guy she stops to talk to.
  3. He many eat the remote control but will never challenge your authority over it.
  4. Ready for Frisbee, any day, any time.
  5. Will remind you every hour of every day that it is your life and you should live it for yourself, even if that means occasionally telling your boss to go hump a skunk.
  6. When the worst that can happen happens, he will always have your back.