Lots of kids have televisions in their bedrooms, but should toddlers have them too?

A Babble.com blogger writes that her toddler does, and she makes no apology for it, stating, "Kids love TV and parents love that kids love TV." The blogger writes that while the TV is in her toddler's room, she does limit the amount he watches, and that moderation and parental guidance are the key, but she actually encourages it at certain times, particularly bedtime and weekend mornings, because, quote, "it makes life easier for all of us." She writes, "I don't view moderate TV consumption as a lazy parenting thing; I view it as a sanity-preserving thing."

I have to agree with the blogger!  Matthew has a t.v. in his room, and it's perfect for nights that he isn't sleepy at bedtime.  I don't believe in sitting your kids in front of the t.v. all day, but there have been times it's the only way I could shower or get dinner on, or have 1/2 hour of sanity.

What do you think?