Earlier this week, a fan rushed Taylor Swift on stage after she finished up her song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. She handled it very calmly, and even seemed gracious in a moment that could have turned very dangerous.

I've seen this happen at many concerts over the years, but typically it's a young girl rushing the stage. In Taylor's instance, the fan was a rather large male, certainly bigger than she is. This past summer at a Kenny Chesney concert I attended, a young lady climbed up on the stage and tried to approach the singer, but Kenny made it very obvious that he was not going to reward such behavior.

Monica Seles--one of the top professional tennis players in the world at the time--was stabbed in 1993 by a crazed fan with a boning knife during a break in one of her matches. So you can't always assume that the person rushing the stage is going to be friendly and is just caught up in the moment.

Watch the video above and you can see what happened to Taylor. How do you think she handled it? Personally, I think Kenny's way of dealing with it is much better. Rewarding bad behavior is never good. What would you do if you were a singer and a fan jumped on stage to get to you?