Being the amazing husband that I am--- I took my wife to Magic Mike a couple of days ago.  Now I wish I could dance like a stripper so I could make some money--- or entertain my wife!  Look inside to see the Original Magic Mike!

I will say their was some nudity in Magic Mike that I could have done without but it's what I get for going to a movie about male strippers.  I would say it was a decent movie though, one that I would never go to without my wife.

While some might find the following image to be a bit disturbing, I think It's rather hilarious.  Some around the internet are calling this the Original.  I would say it's more of a classic that can never be topped.

Will you and your guy have to come to a compromise to get him to go with or will you just leave him at home? See showtimes for Magic Mike in Bozeman here.