Looking for a place away from home to celebrate Thanksgiving with a meal that keeps with the tradition? Last year you had Chinese food and while it was delicious it just didn't sit right. This year if you're not able to have the festive feast at home, we invite you to dine at any of these fine establishments as they serve up a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

John Bozeman's Bistro
125 West Main Street, Bozeman 587-4100
Serving a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Call ahead for reservations and the meal begins at 2pm

Ted's Montana Grill
105 West Main Street, Bozeman 587-6000
Serving a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Call ahead for reservations

Cafe at Clark's Crossing
102 Rogers Lane Livingston 222-4789
Tradition Turkey and Thanksgiving dinner. Call for Reservations

Old Chicago
1940 N 19th Ave Bozeman 587-9404
Complimentary traditional Thanksgiving dinner from 12-2pm, open to donations. Dinner is to accomodate those less fortunate.

Not open on Thanksgiving Day

Not Open
1550 North 19th Ave Bozeman 587-0716

Not Open
Outback Steakhouse
6059 East Valley Center Road Bozeman 587-5200

Not Open
Macenzie River Pizza
232 East Main Street Bozeman 587-0055

Not Open
24 North Tracy Bozeman 556-1111

Not Open
2905 West Main Street, Bozeman 585-2890

Not Open
Burger Bobs
39 West Main Street Bozeman 585-0080

Not Open
1108 North 7th Ave. Bozeman 587-3445

Not Open
Famous Daves
1230 North 7th Ave. Bozeman 586-0597

Not Open
Johnny Carino's
2159 Burke Street Bozeman 556-1332

Not Open
Sante Fe Red's
1235 North 7th Ave. Bozeman 587-5838

Not Open
Frank's Custom Catering
548 East Babcock Bozeman 585-1761

Not Open
140 East Main Street Bozeman 586-0010

Not Open