I remember when Plonk first opened.   I was excited to go there because it was a wine bar, and one of my friends said she wouldn't go because kids weren't allowed.  In fact, she was shocked I would be willing to go.

Absolutely!  I live for my kids, but once in a blue moon, I like to have some grown up time, in an quiet, grown up atmosphere.  I make my kids behave in public, but not every parent does.  You know what I am talking about...parents who let their kids run around and scream in restaurants.

The reason I thought about this is because of the story below.

A restaurant in  Pennsylvania has said they will no longer allow small children to dine at their establishment. The owner of McDain's Restaurant and Golf Center, Mike Vuick, told reporters, "Nothing wrong with babies, but the fact is you can't control their volume." He said that if parents want to come in, they should hire a babysitter. He explained, "There are certain parents who can't leave their children at home. Their child, as it should be, is the center of their universe. They don't realize it's not the center of THE universe."

What do you think about this issue, parents?