How you dress your burger will reveal your personality - try this personality scale on for size.  Then let us know how you rank! Rare: Lovers of rare burgers are rarely idle. They're people on the run. They enjoy days filled with action and are bubbly, buoyant and impulsive. Their friends love spending time with them because they know life is never dull when they're around.

Medium: These folks have found the "happy medium." They are well-balanced and keep emotions in check. They're good at helping friends settle arguments because they see both sides of an issue. Pals also turn to them when they're down, because they always find a silver lining in a cloud.

Well-Done: This crowd does a lot of things well. They are thorough at all tasks and totally dependable. They stand up for what they believe in and are unafraid to argue a point to get others to do things their way.

Plain: Those who like a burger with no fixin's don't like to juggle more than one task at a time. They do things in a simple, straightforward way. Their friends know to listen when they speak because they give good, solid advice.

The Works: These folks are adventurous, flamboyant and love intellectual stimulation. They always have a lot of admiring friends and they're not afraid to try new things. They are sexy and sophisticated and aim for perfection.

    This info comes from  I used to be a cook it all the way through with nothing on it guy.  Now, I'm pretty much a MEDIUM type guy.  What about you?