This driver has got some guts! According to, after Derek Stoltz wrecked Mike Robertson in the closing laps of the race, Robertson then got out of his car and attempted to enter Stoltz car from the passenger side. Stoltz didn't allow it and used every bit of horsepower to make Robertson regret his decision.

Bowman Gray Stadium is the official site of Nascar's longest running weekly race track. It is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In this past weekend's race, Derek Stoltz dragged Mike Robertson for a good 20-30 meters before seemingly aiming to launch him into the concrete barrier. Robertson proved his toughness by getting up immediately to pursue Stoltz's car yet again. At this point the races organizers steped in to separate the two drivers.

The scene escalated very quickly and we are glad no one got seriously hurt. Have you seen anything like this at a race before? Should either men be legally punished for their actions?