Updated to include podcast from Detective Dana McNeil.

I've already heard horror stories from parents of children as young as 10.  These are stories from good parents, who had no idea that their kids had access to the scary things that can be found online.

According to Bozeman Police, this seminar is for parents, teachers, and caregivers with children of any age, and is not to be missed by those with an earnest desire to protect their children and better understand the technology-facilitated crimes children are faced with everyday.

Members of the Montana Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, including a Bozeman Police Detective and FBI agent, will discuss:

* Steps to take to help keep our kids safe at home, in school, and online.

* Local case studies of child exploitation & abuse including the challenges faced by families and law enforcement in these types of cases.

* Proliferation of online exploitation, cyber-bulling, and sexting.

This seminar will be held on Tuesday, April 30, in the Commission Room at Bozeman City Hall, 121 North Rouse from 6-8 pm.

Due to the nature of the content being discussed, this seminar is not intended for kids under 13.

Our rules at our house...no kids on the internet, unless an adult is in the room.  They have Kindle Fires, and we have disabled the internet.  They use them to read books and play games on apps.  What are your rules about the internet at your house?