I think this is scary!  We don't have a Playstation, but I do have my credit card on file on some of the shopping sites I use.  May have to change that!  You just never know with the internet.

Sony's PlayStation Network has been the victim of the one of the largest-ever Internet data breaches, with the names, addresses and possibly credit card data of 77 million user accounts stolen.

Other information that was taken included email addresses, birth dates, usernames, passwords, logins, security questions and more. Although Sony learned about the massive security breach that took place between April 17th and 19th a week ago and shut down the network immediately, it didn't make the information public until Tuesday (April 26th). It also hasn't said how the data might have been compromised. PlayStation video game console owners could use the PlayStation Network to buy and download games, as well as play games with others online.