I could totally win this. 

Tarantino’s Pizzeria has announced the 2nd Annual Pizza Eating Contest during the MSU Alumni Association Bobcat Fest on Main Event on April 27th.

Beginning at 6:45pm near the event stage at Bozeman Ave. and Main Street, competitors will be battling it out to see who can eat an 18” Tarantino’s Grandioso Cheese Pizza the fastest - and possibly dethrone our reigning champion Saul Martinez.

The winner of the event will not only be crowned “Biggest Pizza Eater in Bozeman”, but will also win a 6-month membership to Main Street Fitness, a $200 Tarantino’s gift certificate and Tarantino’s merchandise, and other great prizes.

Participation is “open to the public” with official qualification!

Interested competitors are required to come into Tarantino’s Pizzeria at 321 E. Main between 11am and 10pm March 21st through April 20th to qualify. Qualifications will consist of each potential competitor purchasing, and consuming, by themselves any Tarantino’s 18 inch pizza in one sitting. There will not be any time restrictions on eating this qualifying pizza. However, it must be verified by a Tarantino’s employee that the entire pizza was consumed by one person in one sitting. The number of final competitors for this competition will be limited so hurry down to guarantee your chance of being crowned The Biggest Pizza Eater in Bozeman.

For more information about the Tarantino’s Pizza Eating Contest, call 587-0285.  To learn more about Bobcat Fest in Main and additional event activities, visit www.downtownbozeman.org or call 586-4008.