I know it's been a few days since I blogged...it's also been a few days since I worked out, as the G.I. stomach bug runs rampant through our house.  I did make it to a Pilates class.  Before I fell apart a couple of years ago, I did Pilates all the time...I love it!  I was curious about Pilates at The Ridge, so I made it to a class and am planning on going back.  The thing I love about Pilates is that you are getting an amazing workout, but don't really even realize it.  It strengthens your core, and you feel so energized after the low impact workout.  It hurt to sit down the next day, which I like...means I worked my booty.

Annie is out of town this week, so I am on my own.  That's why I am trying out some of the classes.  Today, it's kickboxing.  I used to take a kickboxing class a hundred years ago, before marriage and children.  I'll let you know how it goes, but I have to admit, I am excited...such a good workout.   Want to join me?