Tomorrow is picture day for my kids at school.  I have to remember to send in the picture money and make sure they look their best!  Did you know they still give out combs as you stand in line?

Today, the girls are getting hair cuts, picking out clothes, and making sure that they are presentable.

I try to have them look their best, but it's inevitable that one will get spill food on themselves, and one will roll down the hill and mess up their hair.

I don't even care.  I just have to make sure they leave the house looking their best.  I keep each and every school picture and hang them on the wall.  Of course I love the ones where they look put together and are smiling beautifully, but it's the ones where they look a bit off, or are making a funny face, or have wild hair that make me smile.

It's just so them!

That being said, what the hell was MY Mom thinking?   I think all three of us wore this same sweater every year.  She must have bought about 20 of them!