All it takes is one generous offer and you can help spread holiday cheer to possibly hundreds of people.  I stopped into City Brew for a latte and mocha and was kind of surprised when the drive through girl told me the person ahead of me had payed for my drinks.  The really surprising part was how many people had been paying it forward.

I was the 35th car in line for the pay it forward!  So I said thanks for the drinks and drove off... Just kidding I'm not that kind of person!  The car behind me had more drinks but that didn't matter to me.  I was willing to pay it forward so that hopefully they would do the same.

This 'Pay It Forward' at the drive through window made me think of how many people this could potentially impact.  It had already impacted at least 35 people but probably will end up in the hundreds if the good people around here keep it going.  Hopefully they do and hopefully it will make everyone a little happier!