Thanks to Kate from Leaf & Bean and Josh Charles from the Bozeman Fire Dept. for coming in to hang with us in the XL studio today. The Leaf & Bean in downtown Bozeman is holding a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning for the firefighters from 8am to 11am.

Josh and his fellow firefighters are headed to Seattle to compete in the Stair Climb for Leukemia with firefighters from all over the world. Leaf & Bean is helping us out with our St.Jude Radiothon in a couple of weeks, so we would like to support them and our Bozeman firefighters by inviting you to join us for the pancake breakfast.

I've been in town a month and I know where the Leaf & Bean is, but just in case you'll find us at 35 W. Main in Bozeman. I eat my first round of pancakes with just butter, no syrup. Subsequent stacks will be complete with maple syrup. How about you?

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