According to a new study, WOMEN say that they're too old to wear bikinis on the beach after age 47, and 35 is the cut off age for a miniskirt.

I couldn't disagree more.  I see 'older' men walking around in speedos, how come no one is saying anything about that?

I look at this picture of Helen Mirren, celebrating her 63rd birthday in a red bikini.  Good for her, and wow, what a figure!

I still wear a bikini, and no, I don't always feel comfortable in it, but plan on wearing it as long as I feel I can get away with it.  What about you?  I have friends who proudly wear bikinis, some who wouldn't be caught dead in one, and some who refuse to wear swimwear all together.  Where do you fall in that list, and do you agree with the bikini age limit?