I am always a bit behind the times.  3-D was a big deal for a while when I was younger, and it showed up again, this time with better glasses.  I am still not a fan.  Turns out, I am not alone.

Researchers say 3-D films apparently aren't worth the high ticket price. They found that moviegoers who watch 3-D films do not experience more intense emotional reactions or a greater sense of "being there" than those who watch 2-D movies -- and the 3-D versions also don't help you remember the movie better than 2-D versions.

One thing 3-D increased? Discomfort. Compared with 2-D movie watchers, 3-D movie-watchers were about three times more likely to have eyestrain, headache or trouble with vision, the study showed.

What do you think of the 3-D craze?