It's a scary trend.  Kids take old drugs out of their parents' medicine cabinets, go to a party, and put them in a bowl, and then everyone grabs some.   Sometimes, they will crush the pills and snort them, to get a quicker, more intense high.  The Anti Drug

Kids have died doing this, and unfortunately, more will. 

In support of National Drug Take-Back Day, the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office, the Bozeman Police Department and Smith’s Food and Drug have teamed up to offer a disposal site for unused and expired medications and prescription drugs.

On Saturday, April 28th, from 10 am to 2 pm, at Smith’s Food and Drug, 1400 North 19th Avenue, the public is encouraged to bring their unused and expired medications for disposal.  Prescription and over-the-counter pills, liquids, and cream medications will all be accepted – even pet medication.

Injectable drugs and aerosols will not be accepted.  Collection is both free and anonymous.

National Drug Take-Back Day addresses a vital public health and safety issue. Other methods of discarding unused medicines, such as flushing them down the toilet or throwing them in the trash pose potential health and safety hazards to private and public water systems.

As a reminder, there is also a collection site for unused and expired medications located in the lobby of the Law and Justice Center, 615 South 16th Avenue, which is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.