Today is National Chip and Dip Day.

According to a survey by Tostitos, one in four people admit that they've double-dipped a chip.

Young people are more likely to do it. Two in five people under age 35 say they've double-dipped. 46% of young guys say they've done it , compared to only 32% of young women.

54% of people say that if they saw someone else double-dip, they'd stay away from the dip for the rest of the night, and 25% would say something to the person. But 22% say they'd use it as an excuse to double-dip themselves.

Here's another violation of chip-and-dip etiquette you should be aware of: 45% of people say that the correct way to dip is to go straight in and out . . . instead of scooping to get more dip.