What do you do when your backyard is small and looks like a litter box?  Well destroy it of course!  The renovation continues and is coming long rather well.  The surprises so far haven't been that bad.  

My backyard was pretty bad at first but now that progress is being made I'm looking forward to the final project.  Trying to think about every little detail from plants to sprinkler systems was somewhat daunting.  Our decision was to just rip out almost everything and start fresh.

Ripping out the old sprinkler system let us know how crappy it really was.  All the lines were buried less than a foot underground and half the sprinkler heads were clogged or broken.  Thankfully by brother in law owns a landscaping business in Great Falls!  This helped when it came to assembling a brand new system with a couple of zones and a drip system.

After the sprinklers were in we smoothed everything out and laid some sod.  We went from a barren wasteland of cat crap and weeds to an awesome green backyard in less than a day!