Hi everyone. My name is Dave Wooten and I’m the new morning show host on XL Country. Today is my first day here at the radio station, and as always when starting a new job, there’s so much to learn—like where’s the Little Cowboy’s Room and how does the fax machine work?  I’m good to go on those now, but here are 5 Other Things I Learned on My First Day at XL Country:

1)      We have a station dog called Buck . . . What a cool dog!

2)      Russell owns all of Taylor Swift’s CDs . . . Shhhh, I told him I wouldn’t tell anyone

3)      Elk can sometimes be an issue while driving into Bozeman from Belgrade

4)      The Little Cowboy’s Room is the door on the left . . . It would help if we had a picture or something on the door . . .

5)      Bozeman, Montana, loves Country Music

Do you remember your first day at your job? Any fun stories you have to share please call us on the morning show at 582-1061 or leave a comment below. I look forward to meeting all of you!