I have had the privilege to work for XL Country at the Headwaters Country Jam since the very first day of year one.  I have been there, played in the dirt, met amazing people, seen incredible live music ect.. but you wanna know my favorite part of Country Jam?

No - it's not the wine, it's the people!!  I love how young and old can be found all having fun together at this once a year event.  It's something I haven't seen replicated at other music festivals, and I am facinated by it. This past weekend I played kickball - when was the last time you did that (minus Colleen hehe)?  On my team were all ages, and it was a ton of fun.  The ladies won by the way :).  My favorite belle of the ball..er Jam...was in her 70's, enjoying every minute of dancing with her husband in her perfect country outfit.

Whats your favorite part of the Jam?