A few weeks ago, a Gardiner Landowner had 13 of his sheep killed by wolves.  After an investigation MT FWP issued the landowner two shoot-on-sight permits for wolves.  After a few days the landowner had killed a wolf.  Today the landowner has returned his second shoot-on-sight permit stating that he no longer needs it.


After the wolf killing many wolf supporters were calling the wolf killing unjustified and stated that the landowner had baited the wolf onto his land.  Some even claimed he piled all the sheep up and waited for the wolf.  After an investigation MT FWP has determined their were no piles of sheep and the landowner was justified in his killing.  The news release also goes on to say that the wolf killed is believed to be one of the two wolves that originally attacked the sheep.

The landowner has said he no longer needs the 2nd wolf permit since he is moving his cattle to summer pasture soon and he has already moved the sheep.  FWP's has changed the expiration date on the permit to May 18th.

What do you think about the wolf being killed?  After seeing the results of the investigation was the landowner justified in killing this wolf?