The Montana State Bobcats are sitting in an interesting round robin right now, which means their fate is only partially in their hands.  There are six possible scenarios for the Cats going into this weekend.  How will it all pan out?  We'll find out next weekend... But it's fun to speculate!  Check it out inside.

Our 7-1 Bobcats are in a three way tie with Eastern Washington and Northern Arizona.  And with Cal Poly knocking on the door at Northern Arizona this weekend, things get more interesting.  What are the possible s

Here is a few of the possible scenarios according to

If MSU, EWU and Cal Poly tie at 7-1, the automatic bid would go to Eastern Washington. All three teams would have played Sacramento State in league games. Cal Poly would be eliminated because of a loss to the Hornets. MSU and EWU both beat Sac State, so the tiebreaker would revert to the head-to-head meeting between MSU and EWU, which the Eagles won.


If MSU, EWU and NAU tie at 7-1, the automatic bid would go to Montana State. All three teams would have played Southern Utah, and Montana State is the only one of the three to have a win over the Thunderbirds.