I have been off work for two weeks.  No, I wasn't in the Caribbean sunshine, playing in the sand with my kids.  I was in bed, with a surgical mask over my face, a trash can next to my bed, sweating and coughing and thinking I was going to die. I put off my flu shot this year because I had a cold when I was supposed to get one, and they won't give you the shot if you are sick.  I think I was sick more often than not last year...2010 was NOT my best year.  So, even though I am opposed to New Year's resolutions, I am making one; to take better care of myself in 2011.  As you know, that's a tough one to keep.  Kids, jobs, houses, etc.  keep us all hopping, but what good are we to the people we love if we run ourselves ragged?  My first priority is my health and family, second comes work, and then we will see what else I have time for!  My kids loved having me at home, in bed...they watched t.v., made messes, and ate whatever they wanted.  I was at LEAST looking forward to losing a few pounds...didn't happen...I guess that's one more resolution I should make!