My kids are getting to the point where they don't nap anymore.   They've never been big nappers, and  I have gotten myself into trouble because of that.

One time, we were "resting" and Emma woke up before me...she decided to feed the fish donuts.  She was about 2 or 3 at the time.  The donuts didn't set well with the fish, and I had to explain why they were all floating.  Once, when Gracie was about 2, and I was pregnant with Matthew, I fell asleep during nap time and Emma cut her hair and Gracie's hair with her safety scissors.  Matthew showed off his artistic side once when he woke up before me.  I am finding a common theme in all of this.  I LOVE nap time and my kids don't...actually that's not true.  They do love nap time, because that's when they get to do some really fun stuff that mom wouldn't approve of.  None of the kids nap anymore...I am going to miss it, although on the plus side, it does mean less damage.